Best Fat Burning Foods For Lunch


Fat Burning Foods For Lunch - Broccoli

Broccoli is rich in dietary fiber, vitamins A, C, K, and folate, minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and omega-3-fatty acids . Broccoli also helps to reduce bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol) levels in the blood, and the antioxidants help to flush out the toxins. Since toxic buildup hinders cell function and slows down metabolism, eating broccoli can help alleviate that problem. Have blanched or steamed broccoli with a hint of salt, pepper, and olive oil. You can also add into it some chicken breast pieces or add other colorful veggies to make your lunch more palatable and exciting.


Asparagus contains a flavonoid called quercetin, which protects against weight gain. Asparagus also improves the regulation of metabolism genes and hence helps to regulate the triglyceride and cholesterol levels . For lunch, have blanched, stir-fried or steam asparagus with other veggies, lentils or a medium portion of fish/chicken.


Fat Burning Foods For Lunch - Fish

Fishes such as salmon, tuna, cod are rich in omega-3-fatty acids, which help to reduce inflammation, increases good cholesterol (HDL cholesterol), and decreases triglyceride levels in the serum. These physiological changes help in proper regulation of genes and cell functions thereby increasing the metabolic rate. Have a medium portion of fish for lunch or dinner to improve your metabolism.


Tomatoes contain lycopene improves metabolic health, reduces inflammation, and reduces cholesterol levels (). Add tomato slices to your salad, lettuce boats, chicken curry, boiled chickpea salad or drink tomato juice to help boost your metabolism and lose the flab.


Fat Burning Foods For Lunch - Spinach

Scientists have established that eating thylakoid, and dietary fiber-rich spinach can contribute to reducing hunger and increases satiety . A reduced hunger would mean controlled blood glucose levels, which would ultimately lead to the proper functioning of the cells, enzymes, and co-factors involved in the metabolism reaction. You can have spinach in salads, burritos, wheat pasta, sandwiches, etc.


Garlic induces thermogenesis and helps to control the number of fat cells in the body (). Add crushed, thinly sliced, or whole garlic in your soup, stew, broth, salad, curries, etc. to enhance the taste of your food as well as increase the pace of your body’s metabolic rate.

 Whole Grains

Fat Burning Foods For Lunch - Whole Grains

Whole grains are rich in healthy fats, dietary fiber, and other nutrients. Scientists report that whole grains help reduce the blood glucose levels and body fat percentage thereby preventing metabolic diseases . Have whole grains such as brown rice, whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, broken wheat, black rice, corn, quinoa, etc. for lunch along with veggies and a lean protein source.


Chili contains capsaicin, which induces a thermogenic effect thereby raising the metabolic rate Include chili flakes, finely diced chili, and chili powder to your soup, salad, curry, or pasta to spice up your lunch and reduce weight.


Fat Burning Foods For Lunch - Yogurt

Yogurt is loaded with good gut bacteria that supports digestion. Yogurt also aids weight loss by increasing satiety, promoting fat loss, decreasing glycemic response, and increasing insulin sensitivity


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