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. FEEDBACK IS THE BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS Continuously correct and adjust what you are doing to lose weight. Why? Because your body is constantly adapting and adjusting to avoid burning as little calories as possible (a survival strategy) and prevent weight loss. Your goal is to not give your body sufficient time to catch on

Tips to Speed Up Fat Loss

So you want to lose weight? Who doesn’t? Before, you think that this is some short-cut miracle piece of advice – it isn’t. What you will find below is a super useful list of tips that will help you lose weight. What you wont find is a promise that you’ll lose weight without effort, planning and

4 Tips from Olympians that will help you lose fat faster

From the easiest sport to help you burn fat to the right diet to help you trim down, we explore the dieting secrets of the Olympians The 2016 Summer Olympics are upon us and will host the fastest, fittest and most physically impressive humans from around the world. Many participating while practically void of body fat as

Fat loss tips: 4 exercises to supercharge your workout routine

We all know exercise is important for our health but when you’re trying to burn fat and lose weight there are certain types of training that will help you get there more effectively. These training methods (combined with a healthy diet, naturally) will deliver the best fat loss results. Resistance Training Weight training is great at burning fat.


This is a guideline to get you started. You can shake it up a little bit, but sticking to the omelet for breakfast, big salad or green smoothie for lunch, and lean protein with veggies for dinner will have you burning off a pound of fat a day. Breakfast: Black coffee. Lunch: Green smoothie and scrambled eggs.


Everyone wants to get ripped and peeled, but usually only a few ever make it. With the hot months on the horizon, everyone at the gym starts talking about their upcoming diet and how excited they are to get the ball rolling.   A common scene really, but it’s uncommon that someone’s efforts actually payoff

38 Fast Fat Loss Tips

1. Lose 5 Pounds in 2 Days When you eat too much salt along with not drinking enoughwater you will retain water, get bloated and look fatter than you actually are. When you drink enough water or at least 1 liter of water for every 2 grams of sodium/salt you eat you’ll flush out excess water

44 Ways to Lose 4 Inches of Body Fat

Eating healthy but still not losing inches? Here’s how to finally see results. Fat: It’s the stuff that gives ice cream its creaminess, pizza its dreaminess, and Nicki Minaj her twerkiness. In the right places and in the right amounts, fat is the stuff that makes life worth living. But when your curves start crashing


Four Easy Fat Loss Tips Don’t drink your calories! Sleep the fat off! Easy, slow fat loss. Interval training. Don’t drink your calories! Here is why eating your calories is better than drinking them. First because it takes longer to eat calories than drink them. The reason this is important is that your body has