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Get rid of Belly fat for the Six Packs

QUICK BITES Belly fat refuses to lift its veil and unleash abdominal muscles. Eat more lean meat and more of fresh fruits and vegetables. Aerobic exercises is more important than ab exercises. Must sleep well in order to get enough rest. People always complain that all the effort they put on their abdominal muscle go for

Easy ways to burn your belly fat

QUICK BITES Stress is one of the main reasons for the excess fat around your tummy. Making small changes in your day to day life can help you. Stop eating refined grains and instead go for whole grains. Get enough sleep and drink enough water to bring an effective change. The fat around your belly can

5 Easy Exercises to lose belly fat after pregnancy

QUICK BITES Losing belly fat after pregnancy requires discipline, patience and time. Abdominal exercises are an effective way to firm up post pregnancy belly. Flutter kicks help tone muscles underneath the body fat. Aerobic training helps burn extra calories and increase metabolism. Workout After Pregnancy After pregnancy most women are worried about the belly fat that

How to lose belly fat for kids

QUICK BITES Send your kid outdoors so as to make him or her fit. Always make your kid eat healthy foods. Be supportive and help your kid to achieve a fitter self. Add more of fruits and vegetables in the diet. How to Restrict Kids From Getting Obese? Fat, is a word reserved for elders, with

How to lose belly fat with ayurveda

  QUICK BITES Ayurveda is one of the world’s oldest medical systems. Ayurveda treatment to flatten tummy starts with dietary changes. Avoid the afternoon siesta is one of the precaution. Add ground spices to your food to rev metabolism. Burning fat remains the top health priorities for millions of people across the globe. Many are not

The Most Effective Workout Plan To Lose Belly Fat

By Christa Sgobba You’re committed to losing your belly fat. So you’ve cleaned up your diet, and started hitting the gym. But are you structuring your sweat sessions in the most effective way to burn off your gut? How you set up your exercise routine—in terms of when you do your weights and your cardio— may

How Do Lazy Men Lose Belly Fat

Who says lazy men cannot have a flat stomach? QUICK BITES Brisk walking twice a day can curb your abdomen and flatten your belly. Practice laughter therapy to burn fat around your stomach. Join swimming or boxing classes to reduce belly fat. Diet plan for flat tummy Do you curse yourself every night before going to