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ADDITION BY SUBTRACTION: A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE TO THE ELIMINATION DIET Use an elimination diet to find your own path to getting healthy and lean for 2017. “What should I be eating?” It’s a question even an educated fitness-seeker like you probably still asks from time … WHEN IS THE BEST TIME TO DRINK COFFEE? You’re doing everything right.

Top Pre-Run Nutrition

    Wouldn’t it be perfect if your energy levels were at their very peak on race day? With the right combination of reducing your running and tweaking your diet, you can fuel your muscles to have your greatest run ever! 1. Taper and take it easy Resist the temptation to run too much in the week before your

Exercise and Nutrition Tips

Cardio Equipment The “best” machine depends on your individual goals, fitness level, and personal preference. No single machine is best for every person or situation; each has unique attributes that might make it more suitable for your goals. If you are simply trying to warm up before you move on to some other form of


If you’re confused about what’s healthy and what’s not, we understand – there’s plenty of conflicting information out there. Although dietary fads come and go, here’s a rundown of basic principles of good nutrition and healthy growth. Don’t forget: We make it easy for you to shop with confidence by doing all of the research

Top 10 triathlon nutrition tips

Training Food, written by experienced sports nutritionist Renee McGregor, is a new book that aims to provide a comprehensive guide to sports nutrition, complete with its own chapter on triathlon. The book features a large recipe section (meals include chia porridge or coriander lamb with quinoa) accompanied by the nutritional values of each meal. In addition

15 Power Nutrition Tips for High Performance Athletes

You put a lot of effort into your training and competition fine-tuning yourself into a monster on the playing field. Here’s how to take your nutrition to the next level with 15 diet tips for high performance athletes courtesy of some the top sport dietitians from across the planet. Competing at a high level in any sport


Training for a race isn’t just about sticking to your training plan. Eating the right types of foods, at the right time – a variety of unprocessed, unrefined foods rich in slow-releasing carbohydrate, good quality protein and healthy fats – will strengthen the immune system, keep your muscles healthy, help you recover well and maintain

Best nutrition tips to heal inflammation and improve health columnist and registered holistic nutritionist Julie Daniluk has released her first book, Meals That Heal Inflammation, in which she reveals how much pain and how many chronic health issues are caused by inflammation. This is something Julie knows from personal experience and here she explains what inflammation is and how we can heal our bodies through improved


1.) Hydrate the night before. The last thing you want is to be dehydrated at the starting line or to over hydrate the morning of race day. To prevent muscle cramps and frequent bathroom breaks, sip on a water bottle up until 1-2 hours before bed.   2.) Avoid eating out the night before race day, cook a healthy