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Kissing Styles Of The Zodiac Signs Revealed…

Zodiac Signs Revealed… There are few things sexier than someone who knows how to give a good pash. But poor kissing technique can feel a bit like being sandpapered to death by a pair of dry lips. For some of the signs kissing comes naturally where as for others it’s an area that could use

How The Signs Respond To Compliments…

Not everyone reacts to compliments the same way. Some will feel uncomfortable and weird when given praise whilst others lap up every word and positively glow when told they are fabulous, beautiful, clever or irresistible. Each zodiac sign has its own unique way of handling compliments, find out how your sign responds below! Aries: they’ll fish for

The Best Tattoo Styles for Your Zodiac Sign

Are you new school or a realist? Dot work or fine-line? Neo-traditional or trash polka? Your zodiac sign knows the answer. Aries (March 21–April 19) Courtesy of Jeff Tarinelli Aries is known as the leader amongest the zodiac signs. Headstrong and bold, a tribal tattoo definitely suits the personality of an Aries. Tribal tattoos are associated