Thinking of how to lose weight and get rid of fat – wait till you have read this!

Trying to lose weight huh? Tell me about it. I have struggled with it for a really long time. After the birth of Evan, my second child – my body weight was all over the place.

Rachel's review of PhenqGrowing up, I was an awesomely skinny woman. I was interested in sports. Had a body that had boys swooning over me – with curves in just the right places. Then life happened. My academics made sure I had no social life and I had to spend weeks locked up in my room to ensure I had a passing grade. Then I met my boyfriend (now husband), which was followed by the birth of Bella, my daughter.

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Ever since then, I have never been skinny. Flabs started showing. My breasts were bigger, the abdomen was leaking out, the buttocks turned flabby. Oh God! I was a mess.

Now if you’re a working mom with two kids at home and a nanny who just loves her holidays, you’ll know that your life revolves around this. Tim, my husband, goes out of his way to help me manage things. But there’s only so much he can do.

Bottom-line? I get up, send my kids to school & leave for work. I work in advertising and am on my feet all day. So by the time I am back, I am so exhausted that I hit the bed straight up. This leaves little to no time for extra curricular activities. I cannot get on the treadmill in the morning, can’t go to the gym. I haven’t even gone for a run in 3 years.

I was looking for a magical solution…

In the daily hustle and bustle of life, I never really bothered about the way I looked. I dressed sharp, but that was the length of it.

But every day when I got out of the shower and looked at myself in the mirror, I could sense a sense of self-loathing and pity engulf myself.

I remember that I was ignoring going out with my family, not because I couldn’t, but because I didn’t want to. I wasn’t comfortable in my body.

magical-solutionsSimple everyday things like going the beach had now become a chore that I dreaded. Then came airline travel and I had to make sure the strap of the seat belt was pulled all the way to the back. I remember that it always took me a minute to get adjusted and I could feel the eyes of the people in my neighboring seats, peering right through me.

I could feel my husband distancing away from me. I wondered if he’d want to be seen with someone that looked like me. Heck! I wondered if I’d want to be seen with someone that looked like me.

I tried everything. I wasted hundreds of dollars in pills that claimed to have mysterious solutions to my problems. But all they’d do is make me feel like crap throughout the day. I even ordered a lot of equipment from the late night infomercials – but then they’re lying somewhere around the house.

I was dejected. I needed to do something. But I felt helpless. I didn’t know what to do.

PhenQ – The Answer to All my weight loss Queries

It all started with this supposedly magic diet that my friend Jennifer convinced me about. It required me to eat nothing and drink juices everyday, all day.

I remember getting all excited about it on a Monday and then going on a Juice diet. A week went by and everything was hunky-dory.

I had lost 3 pounds over the course of the week.

I was enthusiastic. So enthusiastic, in fact, that I one evening while coming back from work – I decided to give myself a “cheat day” and stopped at a McDonald’s.

And I was back to my original weight.

Well, that was a short-lived solution, I thought to myself.

Post that I ate and ate, the diet was done and I was being myself again. Weirdly enough like the pass 15 or so diets I had tried – every time I starved myself for them, I’d end up gaining more weight.

So this one evening, I was texting a colleague from work and then the issue turned towards post-pregnancy and ultimately to body weight. This colleague had 4 children and had a body that could still stun a college graduate. I had always been jealous of how great she looked.

Amidst our conversation, she casually asked me if I had ever tried PhenQ?

When I replied in the negative, she turned almost persuasive. Even offering to buy my first bottle for me. She insisted that Phen Q had been a boon to her post-pregnancy and had helped her keep her weight in check all through out. She said that the reason she was so energetic all the time was because of the pill she’d been having for a while now.

Normally, such things would intrigue me. But here I wasn’t so sure. After all, I had stuffed myself with pills like these all my adult life and all they’d done was make me feel like crap.

Even then, since the colleague kept on insisting I decided to go online and read a PhenQ review or two.

Boy was I in for a surprise!

I checked out their website first and it immediately had my hopes up. Unlike other pills that said they’d help me shed stomach fat or reduce the bulge in my buttocks, It promised a full-fledged whole body solution from the get go.

Their website also stated that it would help boost my metabolism and increase my energy levels to keep me going through the day. It further went on to add that along with the above-mentioned benefits, it would also help me burn fat.


A very important mention needs to be made of their website. It was different. It was more professional and made very valid points about their product. It wasn’t one of those spammy sales pages that you and I are used to seeing when looking for fitness products. What’s more? Whatever they said on their website was backed up by their references made to medical journals and prints at the bottom of the website.

The insisting colleague coupled with the extremely reassuring website was enough to sell me on the product.

So I went ahead and order a bottle  – just to try!

Hello! New me  – positively changed my life

Hello New MeI got the package the following Saturday after placing my order. It was a weekend, so I decided to start that day itself. I popped a pill in the morning and went about with my chores.

Fifteen minutes after having taken the pill, something clicked. I could sense that I was feeling more energetic. This rush was better than the rush brought about by my daily cup of coffee.

I finished my daily chores – made breakfast and enjoyed it with the man and the kids. Then I did the unthinkable! I went for a walk.

You read that right! Me, an obviously very heavy woman, who had ignored any kind of exercise in her past, decided to go for a walk. And upon my return, I felt fresh and exhilarated. I went in and had a nice warm shower and on getting out, I realized that not once had I thought about food the whole morning.

I decided to skip my daily bowl of cereals and instead chopped up some fruits. A small bowl had me feeling full and fresh.

This was something I had never experienced before. And within that one day, I was sure of one thing. this was about to change my life.

I was no longer a skeptic and my weight loss journey had begun.

So what is PhenQ?

phen-qSo before I tell you about my weight loss journey. Allow me to tell you about the magical product that made it all possible.

Phen Q is essentially an amalgamation of an energy booster, an appetite suppressant and a fat burner.

It comes in a bottle containing 60 pills. And you’re supposed to take two everyday. So essentially, a bottle is worth a month’s dosage.

So what I did was, I took one pill in the morning with my breakfast and the other at lunch. It is not recommended to take it in the evening or just before you’re sleeping, because believe me when you’re brimming with energy – sleep will be the last thing on your mind.

Are there any side effects of using Phen q?

As an appetite suppressant, it lowers your urges to snack and even takes care of your intake while you’re eating, along with this as a fat burner it increases your body’s metabolism thereby, helping you burn more calories than you would normally. Along with this, it floods you with energy and improves your concentration and cognitive energy.


What are in the ingredients in PhenQ?

phenq before and after

When you’re consuming something, it is vital to know the ingredients in the mix. And that is exactly what I did. I set about on a research of what exactly were the ingredients inside, that were helping me the way they did.

Phen-q Ingredients in detail

And what I found blew me away. It was a blend of things that not only suppressed my appetite; they also helped me stay healthy in an all-natural way.

Here are the magical ingredients – 

Capsimax Powder – This is a unique blend of a few things including Capsicum and Vitamin B3

This works by increasing your body’s temperature slightly thereby allowing you to burn more fat. This process is called Thermogenic burn and this can help your body burn as many as 250 extra calories every day.

The piperine in Capsimax Powder is even known to stop the formation of new fat cells.

Calcium Carbonate – Calcium Carbonate is a known supplement for keeping your bones healthier. However, did you know that Calcium can also help your cells reduce their storage of fat by making them think that the nourishment is the body is well enough. This also encourages the body to burn the fat that is already stored in them.

Chromium Picolinate – This is a very common mineral and is naturally found in whole grains, vegetables and some meat.

Chromium helps your body in maximum sugar absorption thereby killing your cravings.

When you consume sugar or carbs in any form, they are first absorbed into your bloodstream and then taken to your cells for energy. Chromium accelerates sugar absorption thereby satiating your cravings at an early stage.

This works because ever since I started taking in this amazing supplement, my cravings are at minimum.

Caffeine –Who doesn’t like a good cup of coffee in the morning, right? Well with this powerful appetite suppressant, you don’t need to. The burst of energy that helps carry you through the day is found via the Caffeine inside it.

Not only does it keep you energetic, but caffeine can also help you stay focused, increase your alertness and reduce exhaustion.

This has helped me get the most out of my exercise regimen.

Nopal –This ingredient is derived from the Nopal Cactus.Nopal is a source of fiber inside this phen based supplement. It is tremendously rich in amino acids and helps you gain a lot of control over your weight loss endeavor.

It regulates your bowel movements and ensures that the fluid retention in your body is at a minimum.

L-Carnitine Furmarate – This is yet another naturally occurring amino acid that is usually found in red meat and green vegetables. This works by turning the fat stored in your body into energy thereby accelerating the weight loss.

Impressed yet? I told you the ingredients were magical.

In a nutshell, the ingredients of this phentermine alternative help you –

  • Stay alert and focus
  • Absorb less fat in your body
  • Decrease sugar absorption
  • Decrease your everyday cravings
  • Help your bones stay stronger
  • Make sure you have plenty of fiber in your system
  • Burn fat at an accelerated rate
  • Boost your energy
  • Induce thermogenic-burn thereby helping your burn calories at an accelerated rate

All of that from one little pill. Can you believe that? I couldn’t too, at first, but man this has been one awesome ride.

My Results when using Phen Q!

phenq results

While I won’t be sharing my actual weight at the time of starting up with Phen-Q! I wouldn’t mind sharing my weight loss statistics.

At the time of ordering it, I was 82 pounds overweight. (Yes! It’s embarrassing.)

My total weight loss over a course of the past 90 days has been an amazing 42 pounds.

I have divided my endeavors into 15 days, 30 day, 60 day and 90-day periods for clarity purposes.


  • First 15 days.

From the first day, as I mentioned above, I could sense a peak in my energy levels and my desire to take care of my body.

My cravings had reduced greatly and I felt happier about my weight loss goals.

In the first two weeks since starting Phen-Q, I would check my weight on a daily basis.

I ended up losing 8 pounds in the first two weeks. Mainly, because I was beginning to get accustomed to my new lifestyle.

This was enough for me, a person who had struggled with her weight for years to feel ecstatic. By the end of the second week, I was pretty sure I was going to carry this on for a long time.

  • 16 to 30 days


This was a period with a lot of stress at work and my wedding anniversary coming up.

However, I was still eating right. My cravings were to a minimum. I was more focused now than I had ever been before.

I was buying more fruits and vegetables. Eating healthy meats. Not craving for fries or any other deep fried foods. It was good. I was occasionally going for runs every morning. Doing small exercises when at home – nothing major, just some stretching and push-ups.

I did have more than one cheat day though, one on my anniversary where I stuffed myself with the best red-velvet cake I’ve ever had and on another instance when my husband ordered in Pizza one-night.

My weight loss in the second leg of my journey was 6 Pounds. I know this is lower than the first week. But I was happy! It had been a month and I had lost 14 pounds, this was better than all my efforts in the past few years put together.

This was also the time when I ordered in my second set of Phen Q. Since it was working so well, I went ahead and bought 3 Bottles from them, they sent me 2 additional bottles for free along with a bottle of Raspberry Ketone Max – which is yet another great product. This discount was brilliant. 31 to 60 days


As I reached into the third leg of my journey, I found that I felt better overall. My jeans were fitting better, I was able to fit into some really old clothes that I had tucked away many years ago simply for the fact that I couldn’t get into them anymore.

It was around this time, I sheepishly walked into my nearest gym to get a membership. I was surprised to see that the trainers and other gym patrons were pretty welcoming and no one was body-shaming me. I felt both great and stupid. Great, since everyone was so nice. Stupid, since I hadn’t done this before.

My weight loss efforts were kicked into high gear from here.

visited the gym every day from now on and did some cardio and light weight exercises.

I was feeling better and better. The exercise coupled  had begun changing my life.

I had a talk with a nutritionist at the gym and when I told them about this weight loss pill, I was surprised that they were already aware of it and had other patrons try it on before and everyone loved it.

My weight loss in the third leg of my journey was an excellent 17 pounds.

I had never been happier.

  • 61 to 90 days


I was entering the fourth leg of my journey and I was ecstatic. Just as I opened my third bottle of this fat burner, my husband walked by the bathroom looked at me and said, “Wow honey! You look great!”

Have you ever felt a rush of happiness that goes up your spine and turns into a tingling sensation near your neck? The one that makes your cheeks go red and melts your heart? Well that was exactly what I felt then.

I rushed into my hubby’s arms and cried. I cried for like a half an hour, while he consoled and cajoled me.

All these years, I had felt nothing but helpless. Thinking about my weight. Thinking about the innumerable health problems it brought along with it. Thinking about what would happen to my babies should something happen to me?

But now I had seized control. And Phen-Q had helped me do it.

I was eating better, staying more focused, getting a lot of work done in record time, spending more time with my family, exercising and overall feeling fantastic.

My weight loss in the fourth leg of my journey was 11 pounds.

I wasn’t worried at all. I knew that weight loss would be harder as I approached my goals and I was not going to lose my fervor.

  • 91st Day to beyond

Journey Results

At the time of writing this, I have already lost 42 founds and am feeling great.

The other day, just for kicks, I dug into my closet and took out a dress that every girls dreams of fitting in years after her marriage.

You guessed it right! My wedding dress!

And guess what? It fits perfectly. I would even go so far as to say that it’s lose in certain areas. Beat that?

I intend to continue using it until I have reached my endeavors. And I will always keep a bottle handy for when I stray off, which I don’t think would happen anytime sooner.

How I felt when using it?

Phenq diet pill

This section is really not needed as the above does a pretty good job of describing how I felt when using Phen-Q.

However, I found it important to mention that not only was I feeling great myself, things around me were changing as well.

  • I had begun wearing nicer clothes again.
  • I finally took a 2 day weekend off with my family and went to a nice cabin in the woods
  • I felt younger
  • I felt more relaxed
  • At the same time, I was brimming with energy
  • My skin and hair improved
  • I am no longer as self conscious as I was before
  • Since my focus improved, my work improved and people started noticing my weight loss – it was delightful
  • Overall I am much more confident


My Diet

People have been constantly asking me as to what exactly do I eat to maintain my body weight so well.

For starters, I consume two pills everyday. But that’s a given, right?

Now since It is a powerful appetite suppressant, you won’t feel the need for a snack every now and then like you did before. So now when I feel like snacking, I’ll bite into an apple or a chop up a muskmelon to satiate my cravings. And it goes away.,

Now when you’re on this supplement, I recommend you eat healthy as much as possible.

In the mornings, I replaced my traditional sugary cereals with a bowl of oats or muesli and some fruits. My lunch and dinner consisted of lots of leafy vegetables, grilled chicken or fish.

I consumed nuts as much as possible. They’re rich in natural acids and aid weight loss and help keep you fit. I typically carry a small pouch of assorted nuts in my bag and chomp on them whenever I crave for a snack, which is not a lot.

I also gave myself cheat days every now and then, by eating a plate of lasagna or some pizza every now and then. This isn’t recommended, but I had survived on these foods for a better part of my life and so it was something that I had to do. And my overall diet was healthier now, so they didn’t make much of a difference.

I steered clear off of fried food, artificial sugars in any form (soft drinks, sugary cereals, candies etc.) and also reduced my carbohydrate intake to a minimum.

That was about it. This may sound complicated right now, but believe me, It is a habit breaker and so all of this will come automatically to you.

pros and cons

Pros and Cons 

Had this been a sales pitch, I would’ve gladly started with the Pros of using it. However, I am just going to do the opposite and list the cons here first, simply because there aren’t that many.


It shouldn’t be taken in the evening or before you sleep

It comes loaded with caffeine and other energy boosting stimulants. So consuming it in the evening would be the equivalent of you bidding adieu to your good night sleep. You’ll stay awake for the better part of the night and mess up your sleep schedule.

If you forget your pill one day, just maintain your schedule and forget about it. No need to compensate for it in the evening.

Take one at breakfast and another at lunch, so you feel great throughout the day.


This is normal. With Phen based supplement, you end up not snacking at all or snaking very less. So in the event your blood sugar levels drop, you may experience a mild headache.

Don’t worry about it, just make sure you’re drinking plenty of water and you should be good.

Not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women or people with pre-existing conditions.

This is not a con, so much as it is a warning from the company. If you’re pregnant or are breastfeeding your new born, you shouldn’t get started.

I recommend waiting for about 18 months from your pregnancy to begin your diet. Or whenever you stop breastfeeding your child.

It is also not recommended for people suffering from pre-existing ailments, as the manufacturers don’t want it reacting with your existing medication.

Now let’s talk about the Pros of using this.


Tremendously Powerful Appetite Suppressant

– One of the main reasons why I had gained all the weight was because I was a frequent snack fiend. It reduced my cravings to a minimum and now I don’t need to snack as much.

One Pill in the morning, followed by another at lunch was enough to keep me full throughout the day.

The feeling was so good that I stopped snacking altogether. All I had was some Chia seeds or nuts whenever the cravings got out of hand.

Boosts your Energy

It will boost your energy levels to a maximum and keep them high all throughout the day. This will lead you to be more focused, happier and more alert.

It has helped increase my productivity at work and my employer seems to love it. He now gives me tasks with more responsibility knowing that my outputs are fantastic.

Fat Burning

This is one pill that does what it says it does. You can actually feel the effects of the fat burning and they are excellent.

Right now I maybe a gym member, but I sure wasn’t for the first month of using It and even then I was losing weight – which was amazing.

Built for everyone

Before embarking on my journey with this diet pill, I had just about tried everything possible and nothing worked.

Being a mom and a working professional, there is no way I can devote hours to exercises or even have the energy or desire left to cook special meals for myself.

With this phen based supplement, I don’t need to do any of that. It takes care of my appetite and ensure that my eating is at an optimum level.

Anyone can do it.

It works

I know a lot of weight loss products. I have a lot of them still lying in my closet that make tall claims.

But with Phen-Q, you get what you pay for.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

60 day money backThat’ right – It comes with a Money back Guarantee!

If you’re not satisfied with the results for any reason (like that’s even going to happen!) – you can just pack the remaining pills in the original packaging and send it back to them and they’ll refund your money entirely.

Isn’t that amazing?

Buy phenq

Special Deals (My Fav Part  )

Phenq order now
Not only does it come with a guarantee, it’s makers have exciting deals going on all year round for their customers.

If you order 2 bottles 60 Pills, you get a third bottle sent to you for free.

If you order 3 bottles of PhenQ 60 Pills, you get 2 extra bottles and a bottle of Raspberry Ketone Max sent to you for free.

Again, isn’t that great?

Why you should buy Phen-Q?

Buy phenq

You should get yourself a bottle only if you’re serious about losing that extra weight on your body.

We buy pills day in and out trying to lose weight. We then get disheartened and abandon them.

Before you go that route, allow me to tell you that it is not a miracle pill. It didn’t help me lose 42 pounds in one night. No pill can help you do that. (Although some competitors would like you to believe that)

It really works if you stick to it and maintain the dosages.

If you’re ready to get serious about your weight loss, I recommend you go ahead and Get yourself a bottle to try It out.




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