The Venus factor Does It Work?

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To start with , the Venus Factor is a body system transformation system for female only . Its function is almost always to build an hourglass figure , therefore it is take care of serious . The rep variety for Venus Factor is between 10-12 reps , so that it does concentrate on developing muscle while losing fat . Almost all exercises are completed in a circuit way with a sixty second relaxation between workouts so that you can lift at your

In spite of this , it really is neither a life changing scientific research nor introduced from the Mars because it is claimed to be . I’m to become extremely trustworthy along with you !


What is The Venus Factor

The Venus Factor is a twelve full week weight-loss program developed specifically for females . Just forget about miracle pills and tablets , brand new workout contraptions or gadgets that don’t deliver the results and not enough to eat diets that just result in force of will crushing cravings . The Venus Factor is really about the scientific research of weight loss. Or it’s about precious time science really helped us a lot of women out ! Am I correct ?

Venus factor weight lossThe Venus Factor diet plan was introduced by John Barban who is actually a highly respected physical fitness professional and specialist in nutrition or physiology . During the course of researching on human being metabolism he discovered an incredible relationship between fat loss in most women and a master hormone named Leptin . Knowing these types of aspects of physiology toned his strategy to creating this Venus factor Weight Loss Program

The good thing is the fact that much higher numbers of Leptin in the human body promotes a much faster metabolic process and much faster fat loss . The undesirable information is the fact that lower amounts of Leptin signal your whole body to store body fat . As most women the body aren’t exactly creating many Leptin and as females over 35 our manufacturing of this hormone decelerates even more . To create things worse , when we stand up the force of will to keep on dieting and try to reduce our calorie intake our Leptin amounts will be able to decrease which slows down your metabolic rate !

The Venus Factor diet program is actually highlighted regulating this key signalling molecule. It seems that for men and women this really is much easier because their body systems are a whole lot better at keeping up amounts of this hormone than women’s body systems are. It’s not difficult to observe that there are huge differences between women and men or it’s not only on the outside . Females have a harder precious time maintaining their levels of Leptin which is specially correct when they carry on a calorie decreased diet . Most of the time what will happen is that the Leptin amounts crash and burn , the cravings put into as well as the following thing you realize you’re reaching for the cookie glass jar . Other diet programs that don’t focus on hormone control might achieve good results although you’re on the diet however if you’ve actually knowledgeable the body fat coming right back once you quit dieting then you definitely realize that a lot of these diet programs don’t provide long lasting good results . John Barban’s program doesn’t try to be the most effective and fastest diet programs but instead endeavors to provide good results that last .

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Does The Venus Factor Really Work?

When you are getting having access to Venus Factor you certainly will guidelines for measurement of your whole body levels . These are generally height-to-waist ratio ( HWR ) , Waist-to-hip ratio ( WHR ) or Waist-to-shoulder ratio ( WSR ) .

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While the height of each and every female varies in structure and composition that is the reason these types of ratios are identified by John Barban to provide perfect body ratio to women who need to start looking sexy .

Especially if this start looking complicated to then you certainly you can actually watch John Barban’s video clip for in-depth description concerning these 3 ratios

Moreover , you would also obtain access to The Venus Factor Work-out Manual that is consists of twelve weeks step-by-step program . These types of workout routines are not required lengthy sessions for cardio rather these are generally created in give fast good results with a bare minimum of doing exercises . These kinds of exercise plan burn up fat from your own body , create muscles or supply your whole body fresh new and pleasant look.

John Barban also offers exercise plan which can be split up into 3 key phrases and each and every phrase is all about four several weeks long . In each and every key phrase you will definitely get comprehensive guidance with plenty of images and tutorial video materials . These types of pics , training and video tutorials will assist in physical exercise very carefully so that you can obtain the maximum advantages from all of them .

Venus Factor Pros and Cons


  1. Venus Factor is an extensive and nutritious workout system program that deals with almost all requirements , as well as nutrition . Therefore , females are capable of enjoy healthy or secure weight-loss .
  2. The Venus Factor system is pretty easy to follow . The guidelines are outlined in a transparent and to the point manner . You shouldn’t get any specific difficulty understanding just what you need to do at any specific presented purpose in the Venus Factor system .
  3. A lot of women are actually effective at reducing your weight as well as accomplishing the look of their hopes and dreams by using the Venus Factor . You will discover a great number of real ‘success stories’ online .
  4. The Venus Factor system is designed for females . As a result , it will take into account the particular requires of females with regards to nutrients and workouts . A lot of exercise systems are actually guilty of having females to go along with instructions more suited for men .
  5. Venus Factor provides topnotch customer care . Any specific question and problem you will have is going to be resolved and replied to within just minutes .


  1. The truth that this Venus Factor system is designed for females is a disadvantage also . Men are not able to make use of and lose fat during this . On the other hand , the creator of the Venus Factor , John Barban , has created a different system for men depending on the exact same concepts , which happens to be often known as the Adonis Golden Ratio .
  2. Venus Factor system is not for females looking for instantaneously weight-loss good results . You have to place in significant effort and make a responsibility to finalized this system to see the outcomes it guarantees to supply . This will also need you to change the way you live to a few extent .
  3. You may have to invest a couple of more money on purchasing workout equipment and special meals as recommended in the nutrients program .
  4. The product sales method does indeed become extremely flashy or hyped-up .

Overall , I thought it was an extremely high quality system or I accomplished remarkable outcomes along with it by using Venus factormuch better compared to any specific I’d viewed with anything different available . I as well really feel self-confident in announcing that I experience the Venus Factor could help you for just about any female in terms of searching fantastic and beginning to feel healthful . Take a look on your own nowadays ! You’re guaranteed to be pleased you did .

Thank You !

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